Charter Services


Tired of long drives to short meetings in small towns? Tired of driving, period? Citrus County is beautiful, but its remote location can make travel difficult and many destinations are not served by airlines.

The answer is Crystal Aero’s Charter Service. Available for one to three passengers at a time, our FAA Part 135-approved charter service will simplify your life. Travel to specific locations couldn’t be easier… flying directly into small airports as well as major airline terminals. These real-life charters might give you some ideas:

A retired couple wanted to visit friends in far south Florida, but the husband wasn’t physically able to withstand a long car trip nor an overnight stay away from home. We delivered them to a small airport near their friends’ home in a fifth of the time it would have taken to drive, then brought them back at the end of the day.

For quite some time, a local businessman needed to make frequent trips to a company factory in the Florida panhandle. We flew him there, waited three hours, then flew him home. Drive time would have been five hours each way. Charter flight time was one hour each way.


Charter is surprisingly affordable, especially when more than one passenger goes. In fact, a full charter flight is often less than airline flights if the trip is short, which is why it’s not uncommon for us to fly people all over the southeastern United States.

Have a trip in mind? Take a look at our rate table for popular destinations, contact us for a quote at 352 795-6868 or email