Charter Rates

Charter Rates

When you charter an airplane, you are buying a roundtrip flight for an airplane, fuel, and pilot, priced by hourly engine time + hourly wait time. Your total estimate is the same whether you go on the roundtrip yourself, have the airplane fly empty on one of the legs, or have just one passenger or a full airplane.

We can provide charter services to anywhere there is a suitable (safe and legal) airport. To give you an idea of how long and how much it takes to fly to various places in the southeast, we’ve included a chart of sample destinations. However, it’s not the whole list of where we can fly! Actual invoices may vary from estimate due to weather and the exact flight profile. Please call for a more precise quote.

The BE35 Bonanza can carry approximately 700 pounds divided among up to three passengers and luggage. It rents for $300 per hour of engine time, including the pilot.

Other charges and explanations:

  • The approximate costs listed are for immediate roundtrips. In other words, you are paying for the airplane and pilot to travel to the destination listed, and immediately return back to Crystal River. If you wish to stay for some time, we will be pleased to send the airplane and pilot back for you at a later date, but another charter cost will apply.
  • If you plan on returning with the airplane after a short delay, wait time and overnight fees may be as follows, depending upon exact trip profile. (Please call for more exact estimate.)
    • Aircraft: $40 per hour, up to eight hours maximum per day, plus overnight if applicable.
    • Actual trip profile subject to crew duty limitations mandated by the FAA.

Estimated costs below assume that charter aircraft will depart and return to Crystal River Airport. If the trip will commence or end elsewhere, additional time and charges will be incurred. For departures and arrivals at nearby airports such as Inverness, Ocala, and Dunnellon, you can plan on adding $150 to $200 to the estimate for the additional flight time.

May 23, 2014 | Part 135 Rate Table
BE35 Bonanza Base Rate Per Hour: $300
Atlanta GA (ATL) 300 $1320 2.2 Mobile AL (MOB) 340 $1500 2.5
Ashville NC (AVL) 450 $1800 3.0 Naples FL (APF) 180 $840 1.4
Charleston SC (CHS) 405 $1560 2.6 Nashville TN (JWN) 500 $1980 3.3
Daytona Beach FL (DAB) 90 $480 0.8 New Orleans LA (MSY) 450 $1920 3.2
Destin FL (DTS) 260 $1080 1.8 Orlando FL (ORL) 75 $420 0.7
Fernandina Beach FL (FHB) 150 $600 1.0 Palm Beach FL (PBI) 200 $960 1.6
Ft Lauderdale FL (FLL) 250 $1020 1.7 Panama City FL (PFN) 200 $900 1.5
Ft Myers FL (FMY) 155 $720 1.2 Pensacola FL (PNS) 320 $1380 2.3
Gainsville FL (GNV) 60 $360 0.6 St Petersburg FL (PIE) 60 $360 0.6
Jacksonville FL (JAX) 125 $600 1.0 Sarasota FL (SRQ) 90 $480 0.8
Key West FL (EYW) 275 $1200 2.0 Tallahassee FL (TLH) 145 $660 1.1
Lakeland FL (LAL) 65 $360 0.6 Tampa FL (TPA) 65 $360 0.6
Macon GA (MCN) 250 $1080 1.8 Venice FL (VNC) 110 $540 0.9
Miami FL (MIA) 230 $1080 1.8 Vero Beach FL (VRB) 150 $720 1.2
Additional landing and handling fees may apply at some locations. Wait time (airplane on ground, engine off) is $40/hr.