Air Tours


If you haven’t seen the Citrus County coastline by air, you’re missing a real treat. (And flying over in an airline at 40,000 feet just doesn’t do it!) For yourself, for your business, or for a one-of-a-kind gift, nothing beats an air tour.

Count the manatees. Look for better fishing spots. Fly over your home. Inspect your business. See the springs from a new perspective. But most of all, enjoy the incredible view you get from above. If you’re new to flying in small airplanes, you’ll be amazed at how much you can see. For our air tours, we use high-wing Cessnas with big windows to maximize the view.

Our standard air tour is $100 plus tax (total cost for one to three passengers) for an approximately thirty-minute ride down the Crystal River, around Fort Island Beach, up the Homosassa River and home. However, if you have a special itinerary or longer flight in mind, we’ll be happy to accommodate you. Gift certificates are also available.

Photographers and other professionals with special needs are always welcome.