Crystal Aero Group (a.k.a. “CAG”) was founded in 1978 to do one thing: provide the absolute best and safest flight training program around. Over the years, we’ve grown to do many other things, but flight training is still nearest and dearest to our hearts, and it shows in our approach.

CAG is cost- and time-efficient with:

  • Private Pilot Examining Authority
  • FAA Part 141 approved courses.
  • Computer testing center for all FAA written exams.
  • Self-paced with personal attention.
  • Location in non-towered airspace to reduce costly engine time on the ground.
  • Nearby controlled airspace operations.
  • RedBird full motion simulator.

CAG has everything you need for comprehensive piloting knowledge:

  • Cessna and Beech aircraft.
  • Paved and grass runways.
  • Instrument certified aircraft.
  • Mature, exceptionally experienced instructors.
  • Published RNAV approaches.