Message from Chief Flight Instructor

Message from Chief Flight Instructor


Crystal Aero Group strives to create a pleasant environment that will achieve our objective of producing well-trained pilots in minimum time and at minimum cost. The training program is intense but can be tempered with a variety of recreational and social activities such as water sports, bowling, tennis, golfing or dining at one of the many fine restaurants in the area. In short, we believe the entire experience, professionally and socially, should be an enjoyable and rewarding one.

Our training program is based on a structured syllabus that makes the most of every training hour. Operating from a non-towered airport also maximizes training time. Our operation is small and personalized, which means you will be assigned a personal instructor who will be responsible not only for monitoring your progress, but acting as your ombudsman throughout your stay.

Your accommodations and car options are varied to make your stay pleasant and economical. We have modular units available within walking distance for $25/day when shared, or $35/day private. Most individuals here for intense pilot training will find these arrangements satisfactory and highly convenient, but of course numerous fanciers options – including waterfront properties – are typically available on the open market.

It has been our pleasure to train people on a personalized basis from over 60 countries to date. It has been gratifying to see the friendships made and sustained through repeat visits for the purpose of hour-building or additional ratings. We would be delighted to have you join us for one of the most exciting and rewarding undertakings you could pursue.

Gudi Davis
Chief Flight Instructor