The John E. Kirk Aviation Scholarship

The John E. Kirk Aviation Scholarship


When you get on an airline to fly somewhere, you are placing your life in the hands of two or three highly trained professional pilots. By necessity and by passion, these pilots have dedicated their lives to training, more training, and then re-training, to keep their skills honed razor sharp at all times. Their skills are necessary not only for a safe flight, but are also critical to the flow of business all over the world. Without enough highly trained pilots, where would we be?

Of course, these professional pilots had to get their start somewhere. Perhaps a family member or close family friend is a pilot and gave them their start. Perhaps they went to an aviation college after high school. Somewhere, somehow, their dream got a start.

We at Crystal Aero Group believe in doing our part to give back to the community that has supported us and the industry that has so enriched our lives. Thus, in 1993, the John E. Kirk Aviation Scholarship was created to help a Citrus County high school senior with a strong interest in aviation get a head start on their training.

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