International Students

Crystal Aero Group has quietly become one of the premier destinations for international flying students. Beyond the general economies of learning to fly in the United States, we’re less expensive than most U.S. schools, and we make a special effort to welcome our international clientele.

Most enroll in our exclusive Fast Flight™ program, designed specifically for the international student to complete Private Pilot training in 30 days. With Fast Flight™, your training commences immediately upon your arrival in Crystal River, and continues daily at as quick a pace as weather and your progress will allow. With Part 141 approval, a number of highly experienced instructors on staff, and in-house examiners, we can significantly reduce normal training time. Of course, we cannot guarantee a certificate will be issued in 30 days — safety, and thus thorough training, must come first — but a large percentage of our Fast Flight™ students are blessed with good training weather and successfully earn their wings within the month. Alternatively, the Fast Flight™ program may be broken into two segments if a single 30-day stay is not feasible.

To ease the process for international students, Crystal Aero Group is Transportation Security Administration and Immigration Service approved. We make the steps you have to go through to train here as easy as possible. To get started, or simply have a better idea of what’s involved, email We have lots more useful information we’d be happy to share with you.

Tampa is the most convenient airport for international and domestic student arrivals as it provides the best travel options to Crystal River after arrival. If plans include a rental car, either Tampa, Orlando or Sanford may be chosen for arrival. Alternatively, with a Tampa arrival, for a fee of $100 one of our staff members can meet you at baggage claim for the one hour drive to Crystal River where rental cars are available for your stay should you choose.

Lodgings in Crystal River run from inexpensive to moderately luxurious. The most cost- and time-efficient option is The Rookery, The Aviary, or The Nest, student houses a short walk from the training facility. It offers clean, quiet, comfortable lodgings with semi- and fully private rooms and communal facilities of kitchen, laundry, and living room. At as little as $15 per day when shared, it’s a popular choice, so early reservation is recommended. If the student accommodations are not available there are many other lodging options nearby, including hotel efficiencies, condominiums and short-term apartments:

Training fees may be paid with cash, traveler’s checks or major credit cards in US dollars.

From all of us here at Crystal Aero Group, we hope you decide to join us for your flight training needs.

For more information please email us at